I'll be taking a photo for each day of the year and posting it here. I'll be looking to shoot daily life, big events, little events, odds and ends, ones I love, favorite things, and beauty in the ordinary. So if you see me pointing my camera at you, smile! :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 237

I ordered an Uppercase Living piece that I'm soooo excited about (and hopefully the space I ordered it for will be ready in the near future so I can share pictures of it with you.....).
The freebies of the month weren't really anything I was excited about. Not having a plan for this free little diddy and thinking of no one that would want it, I slapped it on the wall in an odd place (because after all, it was free, right?!). And now I love it. A little bit of unexpected happy. A good thing any day. A great thing on a Wednesday!!

updated: R asked me if I knew what it meant. Well. I thought I did. I guess it's one of those terms I've always used but never actually had to give a definition for. So here you go, R.

bon ap·pé·tit

[baw na-pey-tee] Show IPA
–interjection French .
(I wish you) a hearty appetite.

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