I'll be taking a photo for each day of the year and posting it here. I'll be looking to shoot daily life, big events, little events, odds and ends, ones I love, favorite things, and beauty in the ordinary. So if you see me pointing my camera at you, smile! :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 321

Sometimes I get discouraged with my 'real' job. It's mentally challenging and exhausting.
But sometimes, sometimes, it pays off. One thing that's great about this 'double life' in the working world is that I get to work with newborns, toddlers, middle schoolers, high schoolers, and college age students all in the same week (sometimes day!). I really love working with all of those ages but I have to admit- there's something about compliments and hugs from middle schoolers that packs a bigger punch.
Sometimes I really do love my job. Both of them.

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