I'll be taking a photo for each day of the year and posting it here. I'll be looking to shoot daily life, big events, little events, odds and ends, ones I love, favorite things, and beauty in the ordinary. So if you see me pointing my camera at you, smile! :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 203

One mini project is checked off the to do list. There'll be a blog post on him soon on the Hickstionary.


  1. You are SO stinking creative! He sure is CUTE :) for being an ugly doll! I need you to teach my how to sew, be creative, take better pictures, cook, hmmm...I'm sure you could teach me so much :) I promise I'll be a good student (except I might talk too much...)

  2. YOU are a comedian! You are the cook, not me! I'm actually thinking of hosting a class at my house on making and freezing meals. YOU are going to be the teacher. Sound like fun? Just send me my grocery list and tell me what recipes to print. You can take care of the rest. ;)

  3. I have a queen of the kitchen apron I could wear! It doesn't have a fancy adjustable neck thingy like yours, but...I rock it pretty well :)