I'll be taking a photo for each day of the year and posting it here. I'll be looking to shoot daily life, big events, little events, odds and ends, ones I love, favorite things, and beauty in the ordinary. So if you see me pointing my camera at you, smile! :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 190

Iowa is buggy this summer.
REALLY buggy.

Amy & I once decided it wasn't a good photo location unless there was a good chance of tetanus. I'd like to add to that... 'and lots and lots of bug bites.'

It seems like all my favorite photo spots are full of bugs right now. LOTS of bugs. (And they're HUGE. Like on steroids huge.)
I thought I was being super smart today by FINALLY going to get some bug spray before tonight's photo session. As I'm chatting away with T+K, I grab the bottle and start spraying myself.
K- "Is that bug spray?"
H- "Yeah, do you want some?"
K- (as she is running towards the door) "NO I'm deathly allergic and cant even smell it."


Sorry I tried to kill you, K. We can still be friends, right? :)

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