I'll be taking a photo for each day of the year and posting it here. I'll be looking to shoot daily life, big events, little events, odds and ends, ones I love, favorite things, and beauty in the ordinary. So if you see me pointing my camera at you, smile! :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 41

Driving home, the sunset was amazing. I wanted to try out some spot metering so I grabbed my husband and dog as soon as I walked in the door and tried to get to the sun before it was gone. We were too slow for me to get my spot metering photo but a pink sky in February looks pretty good too.
And yes, I know. I need to stop with the sunrise/sunset photos.


  1. This shot is amazing!! The colors the silhouettes!! Perfect!!

  2. oh my goodness! LOVE the sunset picture!

  3. This is so beutiful, I've never had any sunset pictures of mine come out that good. Don't stop taking them they are beautiful.

  4. So beautiful! I love the colors in this one.